Shiela Stewart



Abused for years by a sadistic fiancé, Missy Green has finally had enough. Running away is her only recourse. Wanting a new life, she takes refuge with a group known as the Stargazers. Taken in by the illustrious Draco Starr, Missy is elated to finally find peace. Yet something doesn’t seem right about her host.

Born in the pits of Hell, Draco Starr was once a fearsome demon. For centuries he collected souls for Satan. Having done his time, Draco sets out to start a new life. Even with more wealth than anyone could ever want, something is missing in his life.


Missy is about to have her world turned upside down. Discovering Draco is a demon is terrifying enough, but finding out she too is a demon is more than she can handle. Can Missy deal with her new life and the affection she is beginning to feel for Draco or will her past come back to haunt her?


What was so great about being a demon? Sure, she could have anything she wanted, but so what? She didn’t want to be an animal like Draco.

Downing the contents of the glass, she coughed and gasped for air as her body shook. That was the most disgusting liquid she’d ever tasted.

She envisioned her room filled with balloons in various shapes and sizes, hoping it would cheer her up. It didn’t. Missy felt miserable. Instead of admiring them, enjoying them, she decided to pop them, one by one, with only a thought.

Here’s to life.


Here’s to having powers.


Here’s to wishing a lifetime of pain and misery on Ronald and Draco.

Pop, pop, pop, pop!

“Amusing yourself, I see.” Draco appeared before her, startling her.

She caught her breath and replied calmly. “I’ve pictured your face on every one of them— no—that’s not true. That one is Ronald.” Lifting a finger, she popped the deep green balloon. She still felt miserable.

“Very amusing.” He pushed through the many balloons to get to her.

“I think so.” Pop, another one down. “So, Draco, to what do I owe the discomfort of your visit this time?” Pop, another one down.

“Aren’t we in a foul mood?”

“I am. I don’t know about you. Why are you here?” In the blink of an eye, all of the balloons disappeared. “Party pooper.”

“I wanted to ask you a few questions.”

She turned her head to face him and the room began to swim before her. “Questions, always questions with you. Let me ask you one for a change. Why are you looking for a mate?”

“To share my life with, of course.”

“Why me?” Now her vision was beginning to blur. Was this what being drunk was like? She’d never been before.

He blinked several times before responding. “You’re the only one of your kind.”

“And that’s it? You want me because I’m rare?”

“I did. Before I knew you. Where is this going, Missy?”

“I’m just curious if love played any part in this search for a mate. See, when I accepted Ronald’s proposal, I believed I was in love. I figured we would have a long, happy life together, have a few children, grow old and die together.” She looked over at Draco. “Well, that didn’t exactly work out, so I was just curious what your idea of happily-ever-after is?”

“I’ve never really given it any thought.”

“Well, I would think that would be something to think about when choosing a mate. However, I really don’t know what you feel, being a direct descendent of Satan and all. Can you feel?” she slurred.

“How did you find that out?”

“I have my ways,” she responded slyly. “Can you?”

“I didn’t come here to be grilled by you.”

“I wasn’t grilling you. I was just asking questions. What’s the matter, Draco? You don’t like being questioned?”

He got to his feet. “I think I’ll come back when you’re in a better mood.”

“Oh, don't go. I’m in a perfectly fine mood now, Draco.” She swaggered toward him.

“You’re drunk.”

“Yep, yep I am. Why is it I get the strangest urge to rip those clothes from your body and see what's hidden beneath all that black?” She ran a finger along his lapel. “Yet at the same time, I want to vomit at your feet.”

“What sort of response were you expecting from that question? Or was it a rhetorical one?”

“Yeah, the last one,” she slurred.

“This is all new to you. It will take time for you to adjust.”

“Oh, I’ve grasped it all. I’m now a demon who craves flesh and blood and my future is filled with uncertainty, but one thing remains.” The tears came up and flooded her eyes despite her fight to withhold them. “I can never go home again.”


“No.” She waved him off. “Leave me be. I need some time alone.”

“You keep pushing me away, yet it’s me you need.”

“I don’t need you.” She stepped away and was shocked when he yanked her back toward him. Before she knew it, his mouth was covering hers. She felt the heat scorch her from the middle of her belly and down. Something inside of her beckoned her to surrender.

“I have never wanted a woman’s lips before.” He ran his thumb over her lips. “Yours tempt me beyond reason.” With that said, he vanished.

She slumped to the floor, her eyes flooded with tears.

Now why did he have to do that?





Twenty-one years ago a bargain was made for her existence. Twenty-one years ago was the beginning of the end.

Born to serve Satan, Aurora Starr wishes she could lead a normal life. Being a demon, that’s not so easy to do. By night she takes the lives of those Satan chooses. Despite her hatred for her job, she knows she must continue, but all she wants is to live like a normal human.

Enter Scott Monroe.

Tall, blond, and gorgeous, he is more than Aurora can resist. Although mating with a human is taboo, Aurora throws caution to the wind and begins seeing Scott. But when Satan makes her choose between her family or the man she loves, Aurora has had enough.

Will love win in the end, or will Satan damn them all?


He took her face in his palm. “How is it you’ve managed to look even more beautiful than I saw you last?”

Her heart took one long trip and she fell head over heels in love. “You’re going to make me cry.” No one had ever looked at her with as much love as he did. She wanted to tell him she loved him, wanted to ask him to take her home, but all her words were snatched away when he pulled her closer and kissed her with such softness, she melted.

Her heart hammered in her chest, her stomach knotted. She felt giddy and nervous all at once. When his hand slid from her waist up, slowly, until it cupped her breast, she moaned. She finally understood what it was like to have a man touch her, to feel her, to arouse her. And, she realized, she wanted it all. “Take me now, Scott.”

She moaned as he released her and sat back in his seat. “No. This isn’t the place, or the time.”

Her body felt as a taut as a wire. “But I need you.”

He took her hands in his, kissed them, before laying them to his cheek. “You deserve better than a quick romp in the back seat of a car, Blackie. Especially not from a man who’s had too much to drink.”

She shook her head, her long, dark curls bouncing wildly. “I don’t care where we are. I want you.” She pulled him to her. “I want you to be my first.”

His eyes nearly bugged out of his face. “Your…first?”

She undid his jacket, smiling at his shock. “Yes, my first, Scott. The only one to have me.”

He took her hands in his, stopping her before she went too far, and held them tight. “Aurora, are you telling me you are still a virgin?”

She scrunched up her face. “I hate that term. Is that a problem?”

He released her quickly and slid away. “God, yes!” He drew in a deep breath, running his hand over his hair.

She was offended by his comment. “Why?”

He looked at her, his eyes wide. “I was about to take you, here, in the back seat of a limo. What the hell kind of initiation is that?”

“A pleasant one if it’s wanted, and I want it.” She touched his arm and felt him flinch. “You don’t want me now that you know?”

“God, Blackie, I want you so much it hurts. But not like this.”

The car came to a stop. She was home. “Come inside with me.” She saw him hesitate. “It’s what I want, Scott. I want you, I need you.”




Bad boy rock star, Mick Monroe has never had to work for anything. One of the benefits of Satan giving him a phenomenal singing voice. So when he has a chance encounter with a sexy female officer, Mick is determined to make her his. She, on the other hand, refuses to give in.

Rookie Office, Laci Harris is a single mother with a strong determination to do it all herself. Being scorned by an ex-lover, the father of her son, she’s very jaded when dealing with men. Especially bossy, arrogant men. Despite being a fan of Mick Monroe’s band, she refuses to give in to his advances. Even if he is incredible with her son.

Mick never thought he would fall in love, not just with Laci, but her adorable son as well. But how was he going to explain to them that he’s part demon? When he learns of Satan’s plan to gather souls, using his music, he refuses to give in. But Satan doesn’t take no for an answer and threatens his loved ones. Torn between saving the world and saving his family, Mick puts a plan in motion. 

Even if it costs him his life.



One arm draped over the back of the sofa, Mick saw the scowl on Laci’s face.

 “You’re their hero. You can go.”

 “Is it so hard for you, Laci, to try and be my friend?"

“Nice try, slick. Won’t work.” She grabbed the empty pizza box and plates and carried them to the kitchen.
He followed. “You wanna tell me what you mean?”

“I’m not as easy as the other bimbos you’ve seduced into bed.” She poured herself a glass of red wine. “You just implied you were a bimbo.”
“I did not.”

He took the wine from her hand, and had a sip. “Yes, you did, and I quote, ‘I’m not as easy as the other bimbos you’ve seduced into bed.’ End quote.” He gulped down her wine and grinned. “Good wine.”

She snatched the wine glass away from him, turned her back, and poured herself another glass. “Go away, Mick.”

He took her ponytail in his hand and ran the hair along his palm. “You have such soft hair. What do you use on it?”

She jerked her head back. “Shampoo. Go, before I call the cops.”

He grabbed her hand. “Wouldn’t that be you?”

“I’m off duty.” She yanked.

Smiling, he slid his fingers through hers and gripped her hand tighter. “I’m so disillusioned. I thought once a cop, always a cop, on or off duty. Why a cop, Laci?”

She curled her fingers, and dug her nails into his palm, but he didn’t give. “Because I like playing with guns. Let go, Mick or you’ll lose your hand.”

“Have you had to use it yet?”

“No.” She twisted his wrist, bending it back, then jerked loose. “But I’d be willing to practice on you.”

“ Nice move, but might I remind you I play guitar? You could have injured me.”
She shrugged then lifted the wine to her lips. “If you’re going to play with fire, Michael, you get burned.”

“When I make love to you, I want you wearing only your hat and weapon.”

“That, you arrogant, self-righteous bastard, will never happen.”

 “Okay, you don’t have to wear the weapon.” Before she could respond, he looped his arm around her waist and pulled her hard against his chest. “But I will have you, Laci.” He kissed her mouth shut before she could utter a word. He could taste the wine, and he felt drunk kissing her. The next thing he knew, she grabbed his wrist and spun him around, slamming him into the wall. “Oh baby, yes.” She pulled him away from the wall and pushed him to the door. “Come on, Laci. Let’s talk this through.”

She yanked the door open then tossed him outside. “You ever pull that stunt on me again, Mr. Monroe, and I’ll make sure you never hump another woman in your life.” She slammed the door in his face, and he stood there like a fool, his mouth open